Are you interested in working together to reduce road deaths and injuries?

As a scientist

Are you interested in supporting our actions and promoting scientific knowledge in cooperation with well-established international organizations?

We also need your expertise and pαssion to explore problems and develop proposals and solutions.

The problem of Road Safety must be addressed on the basis of scientific knowledge.

As a company

Are you interested in:

  • the safety of your staff,
  • the reduction of the costs that road accidents bring you
  • the implementation of actions that prove your social responsibility about an important problem for our society.

Contact us to inform you about our training programs and possible ways to improve your road safety performance. Meet us plan together a corporate social responsibility action (CSR) with important social benefits.

As an active citizen

Do road deaths and injuries worry you and motivate you to help?

Become a member of Make Roads Safe Hellas and – at the same time – join a global effort to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 50% by 2030.

You can also subscribe to the list of volunteers of Make Roads Safe Hellas and support one of our next activities.

Finally, you can contribute a small amount of money to our Organization. It will be useful for us to fund even more activities and increase our reach in Greek society and Authorities.

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Are you interested in working together to reduce road deaths and injuries? Contact us today and find out how we can work together.

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