Make Roads Safe Hellas is a non-profit organization that promoteσ Road Safety and sustainable development of road transport in Greece and abroad.

It was founded with the aim of supporting, nationwide, the FIA Foundation’s global “Make Roads Safe” campaign. The campaign led to the adoption and promotion by the United Nations of a comprehensive Plan for the “Decade of Action 2011 – 2020 on Road Safety”.

Since then, the company has evolved into a scientific and social body with international recognition and its action is supported by important international organizations in the field of Road Safety.

Make Roads Safe Hellas mission is:

  • the study, documentation and promotion of targeted interventions to reduce road deaths and injuries;
  • the development and dissemination of scientific, technological knowledge and good practices in the field of road safety and the sustainable development of transport;
  • the wider recognition of the need for effective treatment of road safety issues by public and private bodies, educational institutions, the scientific and technical community and the civil society in general.

Corporate structure

Make Roads Safe Hellas is managed by a Board of Trustees, elected by the General Assembly. The Board members are scientists with recognized work, professional experience and knowledge on issues related to Road Safety and Sustainable Transport.

The activities of Make Roads Safe Hellas are being supported by the Scientific Committees (SCs), which are composed of registered members.

The following Scientific Committees (SCs) have been established:

  • SC for Educational issues
  • SC for Health & Road Safety Road Safety
  • SC for Road Safety Data Analysis
  • SC for Corporate Road Safety
  • SC for Sustainable Transport Development

Partners and Supporters