At Make Roads Safe Hellas we believe in the great importance of systematic traffic education through structured educational programs to children and adults. In other words, we believe that the development of knowledge and skills would enable the individuals (as road users) to better identify road risks and to adopt an appropriate behavior for the prevention and avoidance of accidents.

Educational programs for children

Our Road Safety Program for Children is offered for more than seven years to schoolchildren by Make Roads Safe Hellas partners or by the teachers themselves. It is adapted to the learning abilities and needs of children aged (a) under 6 years old, (b) 6-12 years and (c) 12-14 years.

The Program utilizes the EASST Road Safety Education Pack, which is a global iteaching resource that provides stimulating and engaging activities to introduce road safety messages and behaviours to kids. The pack has been developed in co-operation with our EASST Partners as well as highly experienced UK road safety experts including the UK Government’s Think! Campaign.

Programs for motorcycle drivers

In close cooperation with the Riding School and Mr. Thanasis Hountras, we develop educational safe riding programs for motorcycle drivers of all levels, both private and professionals.

Online Programs for business executives and corporate fleet managers

In collaboration with EASST and the National Technical University of Athens, we offer a unique opportunity to private and public organizations to train their executives and implement a program to upgrade the safety of their fleet.

Recent Activity

  • Educational visits to kindergartens of D.O.KOI.P.P. Chania. For seventh year, EASST Road Safety Educational program is being implemented to support children in Chania.
  • Collaboration with the Hellenic Motor Museum for the offer of the model education program to primary schools in Attica.
  • Participation in an international expert group of EASST and EBRD for training of executives of waste collection and management companies in Georgia.
  • Distance learning program to the “Young Generation of Tajikistan” on the implementation of surveys on road safety and transport.