Aim of Make Roads Safe Hellas is the wider recognition of the need for effective treatment of road safety issues by the public authorities and the private sector, as well as the educational institutions, the scientific and technical community and the civil society in general.

In this context, we implement autonomously in Greece or participate in global, large-scale awareness campaigns on road safety.

We also design and implement tailored-made campaigns in cooperation with private companies as part of their corporate social responsibility programs

Use of Child Restraint Systems

The use of Child Restraint Systems (CRSs) that are appropriate for the age, weight and height of children aged up to 12 years is mandatory according to the National Traffic Code.

However, in practice, the CRSs usage rates remain low, mainly due to low risk perception by parents / caregivers, the inadequate communication of the problem and the limited capacity of Traffic Police to supervise and enforce.

Make Roads Safe Hellas implements research at national level to provide evidences about the extent and the main causes of the problem. It also implements targeted awareness raising actions about the use of children’s car seats.

Use of helmets and seat belts

Greece has the highest rate of motorcyclists’ fatality rates in the EU. At the same time, research shows that there is a particularly low rate of helmet use in the country.

Activities to raise awareness about the necessity of helmets and seat belts use are constantly a priority for Make Roads Safe Hellas.

Recent Activity

  • Participation in the international social media campaign of EASST about the use of seat belts and children’s seats. The campaign reached 300,000 recipients in 15 countries.
  • Cooperation with BMW Group Hellas for communicating to its customers in Greece the importance the proper use of children’s car seats.
  • Helmets use campaign in Crete.
  • Pilot survey about the use of children’s seats in Greece, in collaboration with the University of Macedonia.