The “Star Rating for Schools – SR4S” Program was developed and implemented by the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) and its members. It provides a framework for (a) the assessment of the road safety around schools and (b) the design of effective and cost-efficient improvement actions.

Star Rating for Schools – SR4S

The Program uses a structured approach to assess the level of safety around schools taking into account the characteristics of roads and the road environment, the existing infrastructure serving the arrival and departure of children, signage, traffic volume and local conditions, behaviour patterns of drivers and pedestrians, operating speeds, etc.

Finally, it proposes for consultation with the School Management, teachers, parents and local stakeholders an appropriate plan of improvement actions aiming at:

  • The reduction of vehicles speed around schools,
  • The improvement of safety conditions in places where children cross the roads
  • Raising awareness and encouraging children to use safe routes and behaviors when travelling to/from school,
  • The improvement of safety conditions at school gates, especially during the arrival and departure,
  • Raising awareness among parents and children about increasing the use of seat belts, child seats and helmets.

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