The Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (S.E.S.) and Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT/CSR) organized the “9th International Congress on Transportation Research in Greece” with the central theme: “Transport 4.0: Intelligent Evolution” which was held in Athens on 24-25 October 2019.

The International Congress on Transportation Research (ICTR) has been recognized in transport research for seventeen years and it is addressed to the national but also to the international scientific and academic community, to the administration as well as to private and public bodies and businesses that are active in the development and implementation of innovative applications in the field of transport and transport infrastructure.

The objectives of the Conference were the presentation of recent and current research activities in the field of transport in Greece and internationally, the discussion about the relation between research and transport policy, the future of research, transport and transport infrastructure in the country.

Make Roads Safe Hellas participated in the conference with a scientific paper implemented in collaboration with Messrs. D. Nikolaou, G. Giannis and K. Follas from the NTUA entitled “Tourism and Road Accidents in Greece”.

The paper can be found here.

The presentation can be found here.